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Have you ever wondered what sex with a superhero was like? Have you ever wondered how dangerous Superman really could be? Well, The Boys puts you in the front row seat of the private lives’ of superheroes. This rated TV-MA Prime Video Original is not for the kids! Trust me you would have been very disappointed if you had this queued up, popcorn-ready with your 6-year old. Having an uncensored tv rating is perfect for this series; it allows for the full creativity needed to make a show like this work. When a hero who can lift a building punches a regular guy in the face, I better see his head fly off! The Boys says “F**K YOU!” to traditional superhero movies and is a great example of why I believe censorship ruins a lot of movies – that’s a topic for another day. Every episode of Season 1 left you on the edge of your seat and had great character development. There were several amazing plot twists, and with the announcement of a new character, Season 2 is primed for greatness. Season 1 is available now on Amazon Prime Video and the new season releases on September 4, 2020. Binge the first season now before Season 2 releases.

UPDATE: The Boys cast Supernatural Star, Jensen Ackles, to star in Season 3. He will be playing the the character “Soldier Boy” Look out for more updates on The Boys.



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