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Now I am a DIE-HARD Apple fan, but after seeing the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20, my loyalty has been tested. These two cellphones are the epitome of why someone might want an Android device over an Apple device. Reason #1: More freedom over the operating system. As most iPhone users know, iOS has had the same overall design for YEARS. Apple JUST announced widgets…in 2020. The new Galaxy phones run on a smooth operating system created by Google and features the Google Assistant; Google Assistant is still superior to Siri. Reason #2: More focus on innovation. When a new iPhone releases, I can’t help but notice that Apple holds back on innovations and keeps a similar phone for years at a time. With Android phones, I see efforts to make a change every year. This year we can see improvements in the smartpen for the Galaxy Note 20 and in-screen fingerprint scanner. Reason #3: Use of third-party products. Apple has done a good job of making it hard to use products that aren’t made by them with your devices. With the new Samsung Galaxy devices, you have access to universal chargers and expandable memory.

There are many things that Samsung has that is better than Apple and vice vera. The Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note20 seem like very valid devices, but there are some things that make it very hard for me to leave my beloved Apple iPhone. Look out for future posts on these reasons. Let’s see how the new Galaxy phones compare to the newest iPhones when they are released. 

The Galaxy S20 is available now and the Note 20 is available to order now, shipping August 21. Are we turning this up or skipping? Let’s get some heated Apple vs Android debates going in the comments below! 



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